The definition of a Cynic

Throw them out, rearrange them, recreate the world with you and yourself. When you can still see.

Marry a library, a record store, a second hand bookstore, a movie database, an encyclopaedia. a Britannia. A hard, hard drive full of contents and all. Google storage. Atlanta servers. A cave of octopus.

you know, you never told me, you never said it. even if you did, you didn't meant it.

All they have is the past, and the past is untouchable. the past is a foreign country. when we used a different set of vocabulary. different tone. different language. when we were we - when we were ourselves. when we were not, you and me. when "we" don't know what "us" meant. we spoke like we still have thousand years ahead of us.

where is the tense for you and me. the "you-ed" and "me-ed", had and has been.

His face sweats with madness.


The world can't take a miracle anymore. that would be too hard to categorized.

Let's take a break from the chansons, mon cheri.