Does everything really sound better in French?

There are many advantages if you act unapologetically towards stereotype: whether you are a mademoiselle, chauvinist chef with foul language, or gay - with pride, It seems like since you're "in the role," you can be easily forgiven for what you were being accusing for. You can be mean, ask rude question, or act like a woman as much as you like. They all become part of the humor. People loves to be confirmed. Since you're confirming their preconception, serving the verdict can never be wrong. Nobody likes to be scouted, but you won't be offended when Gordan Ramsey ask you to "Fuck Off My Kitchen." Well, if you know him, that is.

French Art house cinema, Monsieur Director, and "French is a language of Love."
Homosexual, French woman and a Fucking Chef.