Revolutionary Road (2009)

為著翻譯的不好的片名和 “Titanic 大重逢” 的緣故﹐差點就錯過了“革命之路”(差點以為和麥卡錫還是切格瓦拉有關)。我在電影裡所有尋找的東西它都有﹕尖刻的真實﹐對細節的掌握﹐平凡人生中取出的一張閃閃發光的切片。“美國心﹐玫瑰情”過了十年之後﹐山姆曼德斯又打了他們一拳﹕總是那些美國以外的最了解美國。


一次不成功的社區舞台劇激發她多年來對生活所壓抑的問號﹐逼迫她仔細檢視自己的人生。她發現自己正卡在那條所有人都在走的道路﹕孩子﹐車子﹐房子﹐和擁有一個可以支持前三項的丈夫。她發現自己在找尋一些“以外”- 這些東西以外的人生。她相信自己是不一樣的﹐她丈夫更是。而且﹐她說服了他。兩人決心走上“革命之路”。

這是 Jack 和 Rose 下了船以後的生活。50年代版的“美國心﹐玫瑰情”。破碎的美國夢和那些所有質疑它的人所受到的懲戒。

兩個主角在這部片子裡表現的無懈可擊。證明當年絕對不是他們把 Titanic 弄沉而是 Titanic 沉了他們兩個。我無法想像有哪個演員比他們更適合這兩個角色。像許多劇場導演的作品﹐電影裡沒有任何多餘的對話﹐刀刀見骨﹐那些不說話的鏡頭則說的比對話更多。

你會一直想起這部電影﹐除非你對生活毫無疑問 - 除非你總是相信那些從不懷疑自己的人。

I almost missed it. However, it's one of the best movie I have ever seen in a long time. It have everything I wish for in a movie - poignant truth, detailed, smart and delicate. A specific cut from most ordinary people's everyday life. Ten years after American Beauty, Sam Mendes made it again - takes a British to get the truth out of America. Whether it's Borat or Mendes.

Based in mid-1950s, like America Beauty, a mid-age married couple live unhappily in their comfortable social and financial situation. But this time, the wife starts to take charge and make a detour to change the suffocated suburban life.

It all begins when an unsuccessful amature stage play stir up her emotion, force her to take a hard look at their current life, then find herself stuck in the middle of a road that everybody take: children, car, a big house and a husband who have a job that can sustain those three. She looks for something else - she think - something else in this life. She also believes that she IS something else, and, so is he. She convince him of her vision, then they take on a personal revolutionary road together.

It's the life when Jake and Rose got off the boat, and 50's version of American Beauty. The broken American dream and the punishment of the rebel.

Kate and Leo was simply impeccable. They fit the role and awfully competent for each other. This movie prove that it was not them who sank Titanic but Titanic that sank them. Like many other theater director, the dialogues are compact and powerful, and those silent sets speaks much more than the speaking ones.

These movie always make one think - as one always doubts about life. As one always think about Paris, as a delusive remedy.